Animal Well-Being

Animal well-being is an important value for Small Change 4 Big Change.

Each semester, we receive a veterinary student from the University of San Carlos (the first University in the Americas, established 1676). The students help us monitor street dogs in our community, offer vaccination clinics, provide free spay/neuter for low-income families and abandoned dogs in the street, and do house calls at no charge. We are cultivating a new culture of animal well-being in our town of Santa Catarina Barahona and our neighboring town San Antonio Aguas Calientes.


We have a list of dogs waiting to be spayed and neutered and we are thrilled that the local indigenous people are changing their mindset and understanding how important sterilization is and more importantly, animal well-being! People are learning that animals have rights, deserve respect and should have all of their needs met and be comfortable.

Here is the Powerpoint presentation we use in local schools and also a coloring sheet for children, please feel free to use these materials!

BIENESTAR ANIMAL (Well-being of Animals)