The Reading Room is available to English students, their siblings and most of all children whose mothers are in classes here in the afternoons (cooking, sewing, mother & baby health). Most children here don’t own books so not only is it important that they are exposed to and have the opportunity to read books, they love it! The Reading Room offers them a safe space to spend their afternoons. The most popular books right now even though are an English reference book called DOGS and The Very Hungry Caterpillar (in Spanish).

Each morning from 9-11, we receive children ages 3-6 for preschool. Most families here think preschool is a “waste of time and money” and that “the kids are just playing and coloring and can do that at home.” That is simply not true! Children sent directly to 1st grade often fail because they are totally unprepared. Preschool offers structure, group play, self-control, fine and gross motor skills, teaches numbers and letters, personal hygiene and health and so much more!


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