Goats are charming animals and their raw milk does a body good. But goats need a lot of space, and most of our families can’t accommodate a goat. Meet Jacinta, our co-op dairy goat. Each morning of the week, a different family comes to milk her and they take the milk home for their family. Goat milk is high in protein, fatty acids, calcium and vitamins, and because it is similar to mother’s milk, the human body can absorb and use it more easily. We have a lot of families interested in the goat cooperative program and hope to have more opportunities available in the future. We have two young goats, Fettuccine and Margarita, that we bought as babies so they can be raised domestically and to get children interested in goats. Learn more by sending an email to lisa@bigchange.net

Jacinta, our co-oped dairy goat IMG_0426 The kids with our "kids," Margarita and Fettuccine Melisa and baby goat Fettuccine Vilma and her family, part of the goat co-op

IMG_0294 The kids with our "kids" IMG_9378