Small Change 4 Big Change was founded in April 2012 with a focus of sustainable health and education. As directors, we take no salaries. This ensures that donations can be used to benefit the special families in our community and that we are motivated by pure passion, and we are committed to only hiring locals.

Our goal is to assist rural community development and connect donors with humble Guatemalan families interested in changing their future. We work in the small town of Santa Catarina Barahona in sustainable health and education, economic development, and animal welfare.
Education includes preschool for children 3-4 years old, provision of school supplies for primary/middle school children, English classes, scholarships for indigenous girls, sewing classes, and a variety of classes offered over summer break (last year we offered an exercise club, cooking classes for girls, and dance classes for teens). We have offered an A+ Mother’s class the past two years but are not offering it 2019 because the center is under construction.
Health includes installation of ecological stoves, planting family or school gardens, provision of chickens and classes on how to raise them, installation of ecological water filters, and support for the local public health clinic. We have offered Healthy House and Home in the past years but are not offering in in 2019 because the center is under construction.
Animal welfare includes our low-cost clinic Amor Animal, education in schools, and mass spay/neuter clinics in the surrounding areas.

We believe strongly in ongoing support for each family and project, and we ensure that all resources are utilized to their maximum benefit. We are constantly in touch with people involved in the project- visiting supported families, checking up on progress, and developing meaningful relationships with people. We have no plans of expanding into other areas; we would prefer to add more programs for the people here in the town of Santa Catarina Barahona and raise the community up poco a poco.
Your Small Change can make a Big Change. For more information on how to get involved, please get in touch by sending an email to lisa@bigchange.net.

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