Street Dogs

Abandoned dogs is a big problem world-wide, not only in Guatemala. In our community, people prefer males, so they don’t have to worry about having a female that gets pregnant- this would occur because people maintain dogs to protect the house at night, but during the day, dogs are let out in the street to fend for themselves, basically- to find their meals so families don’t have to invest in them and to do their needs so families don’t have to clean up after them. This isn’t good for the dogs or the community. If a female gets pregnant, she will most likely be abandoned in the street, or the puppies will be born and left to die in the street. And the cycle repeats itself all over again.

We are working hard to spay and neuter to prevent more dogs suffering in the streets. People are more accepting to spay females, but less likely to neuter males, since even if he gets several females pregnant, the problem of puppies isn’t “their” problem. We are educating the people that neutering the males has its benefits: a neutered male is more likely to stay at home protecting everything since he won’t be interested in finding a mate. Also, a neutered male won’t get into fights over females, which not only is better for the dog, but better for a family so they don’t have unnecessary expenses to treat an injured dog.

In 2017 we will spay and neuter 100+ street dogs (or dogs that families maintain in the streets) thanks to LUSH Cosmetics!

In the future, we hope to buy a minibus and turn it into a mobile clinic, so we can more effectively spay and neuter street dogs. We also hope to do at least 200 dogs in 2018. If you are interested in helping with our street dog effort, please email

Thank you!