In past years we offered English classes in the afternoons, but when we realized most children were doing poorly in their general primary school studies, we switched to after-school tutoring in January 2018. (We do have one small group of girls that have continued in English.) Primary school is difficult for children for a variety of reasons. First, they must have a uniform and extensive list of school supplies to be able to attend- many parents are unable to afford these things, and children suffer the consequences. Second, many parents didn’t have the opportunity to study (especially women), and while they do what they can to support their children in school, they are simply unable to help children understand the material. Teachers have it rough- underpaid and overworked- and sometimes that reflects in the classroom. And 40% of the population here is chronically malnourished, which means they didn’t get their needs met as babies, and as children they will struggle in school through no fault of their own.

After-school tutoring provides a safe space for children to come and get help with homework, and over 40 children participate. We now have two local teachers running the tutoring program out of a centrally-located house in town, in an effort to slowly give the program back to the local people. Lili graduated from the university to be a teacher and works with the 4th, 5th and 6th grade, and Sabdi has graduated from vocational school to work with the children in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade.

The children must bring schoolwork to do- they can’t just come to play while other children need to study. That being said, once they finish their homework, they are rewarded with free time to do puzzles, play with blocks or draw.

One teacher’s salary is funded through October 2018, and for 2019 we will be raising funds to pay each teacher $200/month.




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