Mother & Baby Nutrition

2017 is the first year we offered a Mother and Baby Nutrition Program. This is a 4-month comprehensive class in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Nutritional Security, Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Natural Resources and provides relevant information to pregnant women or mothers with babies under 2 years old. The course begins at conception/pregnancy/infancy to 2 years- this is the 1000 Day Window, when nutrition of the mother and baby is critical to how the child will develop throughout the rest of his or her life. This class includes a variety of important topics including breastfeeding, vaccines, mosquito-borne illnesses, resources available at the local health clinic and a dozen other topics. The class is dynamic and also includes information about climate change, recycling, proper disposal of waste, and conservation of water, thanks to the national ministries.


Each week includes a healthy snack, such as a variety of spinach salads, fruit, omelettes and banana bread- recipes that include local, inexpensive ingredients that are accessible to the women in attendance.

The women that finish the course receive a diploma (this is very important to them since many never had the opportunity to study past 3rd grade and have never received a diploma), a water filter to promote proper water habits in the home and avoid parasites,  and a family hygiene kit. The women also build their own eco-comal tortilla stoves on the day of graduation. They can take these home and put them right into practice and be proud of all they are working for to improve their future.



Please contact if you are interested in supporting this program.

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