Early childhood education is undervalued in rural Guatemala. Many children are sent directly to 1st grade, where they are unprepared and often fail. This is just the beginning of a long, difficult struggle through primary school.

Each morning from 9-11, we receive children ages 3-5 for preschool. Most families here think preschool is a “waste of time and money” and that “the kids are just playing and coloring and can do that at home.” That is simply not true. Preschool offers structure, group play, self-control, fine and gross motor skills, teaches numbers and letters, personal hygiene and health and so much more.

We are looking for sponsors for preschool in 2019 so we can expand! Miss Sonia’s salary will $175/month to teach two hours daily instead of three, and we need $100 to add a daily healthy snack program for the children.

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