The girls in our area are the most marginalized population we work with. 1) In Guatemala, they are second class citizens, 2) they live in poverty and 3) they are indigenous. Even with everything working against them, these young women are strong, determined, intelligent and ready to change the future of Guatemala!

Girls can be sponsored for school supplies in January, or monthly. School supplies are $75/student and helps the family by covering this big expense at the beginning of the year- if they girls don’t have school supplies, they can’t study. Uniforms are $75 but not all the girls need new uniforms each year.

The Sunshine Scholarship Fund (founded by our friend Sunshine) provides elementary school girls with good grades $13/month to cover costs such as materials needed or internet use (people don’t have computers or internet so they use an internet café).

The school system here works as follows:

Primary school is kindergarten-6th grade. Many girls won’t be sent to study after 6th grade; instead they will be taught to cook, clean and weave at home. Básicos is 7th-9th grade. Girls that are fortunate enough to be sent to middle school need to be sponsored to continue their studies. Carrera is the equivalent of vocational high school. Young people can choose from professions such as teacher, secretary, accountant, chef, or business administration. Some will finish vocational school and start working, while others will decide to go on to study in the university.

We currently have several girls sponsored in vocational school.

Eylyn studies to be a chef and her expenses are $75/month. In September 2018 she won 2nd place in a cooking competition and will therefore have a partial scholarship to the University of San Carlos when for January 2020.

   Here is Eylyn participating as an indigenous queen candidate, and receiving some of her cooking school supplies.

Merlyn studies business administration and her expenses are $75/month, $55 of which are already covered by a sponsor. $20 still needs to be sponsored if someone is interested! Merlyn just received an award for best effort and should be very proud- she has overcome serious obstacles to continue her studies


 Here is Merlyn at school for business administration.

Nirma studies English during the week and accounting on the weekends. Her expenses for accounting school are covered by a sponsor but her English schooling still needs to be covered. It is $45/month and any portion is available to be sponsored.

  Here is Nirma participating as an indigenous queen candidate, and helping another woman in the sewing cooperative.





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