As of September 2020: Volunteers with the following skills: dental, home economics (sewing, preserves, etc), arts and crafts (macramé, embroidery, etc), agriculture, videography, dog training, we can put you to work.

While we actually don’t need short-term volunteer teams- any work we need done, it is far more beneficial to the community to hire someone locally- we are happy to receive visits and can offer a wonderful cultural experience!
The reality is, most people here need opportunities- more simply put, they need clients. We have families that make traditional meals, women that sell artisan products, youth that offer tours of our pueblo- and they need your business! As foreigners, sometimes the best thing we can do is visit a community intentionally so locals are able to maintain businesses- and in turn, maintain their families- with pride and dignity.
Please get in touch if you are interested in visiting Small Change 4 Big Change for a cultural experience. We can coordinate all details from airport pick-up to hotels/family stays/AirBnBs, weaving/Spanish/cooking classes,  cultural excursions- all supporting local families. You may feel like you are on vacation, but you are actually doing much more for our community than coming as a short-term volunteer!