Small Change 4 Big Change is headquartered in Santa Catarina Barahona- 15 minutes outside of Antigua, Guatemala, one of the most beautiful colonial towns in Latin America, but surrounded by dozens of communities in need. We would love to have your group come down for a short-term mission trip! We can take care of everything on this end – coordinating projects of your choice, organizing lodging, meals, tourist activities, etc. Because we are a such a small nonprofit, we are flexible but do ask that you have a specific project in mind and that you raise funds towards that project prior to arrival.


You may be passionate about one of the projects that we already offer such as installing ecological stoves, helping with English classes or working in the community garden, or you may have a personal project in mind that you would like to offer to the community such as arts/crafts, medical services, VBS, you name it- and we are happy to discuss what that would look like, too.




We also offer long-term home-stays with local families for people who want to come and volunteer more extensively or study Spanish. The families charge $15/day for lodging and all meals and they take a lot of pride in sharing their rich indigenous culture with foreigners. Below is a photo of Hope and Sloane who came the summer of 2017, stayed with different families here in town, studied Spanish in Antigua in the mornings, and helped out at the center in the afternoons. For more information, please get in touch at