Lisa Mitchell, Founder/Director – In 2011, Lisa came to Guatemala and fell in love with everything, and founded Small Change 4 Big Change in 2012. Lisa has dedicated her life to the community and loves being out with the people and street dogs. She wants to empower the local indigenous families to help themselves and to take care of their animals. She runs the low-cost veterinary clinic Amor Animal on the same property as Small Change. Email:

Irvin Mena, Assistant Director – Irvin is an agronomy student in the university and has been working with Small Change 4 Big Change since early 2014. Irvin has overseen the community gardens, teaches classes on how to raise chickens effectively at home, works with local farmers in sustainability, reforestation, and soil preservation, leads construction projects, and coordinates volunteers.


Sonia Hernandez, Teacher- Sonia is a young, local teacher who runs early childhood education and the reading room. Most parents don’t believe in preschool because they think it is a “waste of time” and the kids are “just playing,” so children are often sent directly to 1st grade, where they are fortunate to pass their first year, and struggling through it at that. In 2017 we started a preschool program for local underprivileged children ages 3-4 and Sonia runs it all.

Francisco Franco Tobar, Veterinarian- Franco has been with Small Change since 2017, when he did his EPS and then was hired to work in the clinic Amor Animal directly with street dogs and low-income family pets.